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All Circle Polar Arctic Mesh + Amazonia 
Air Bases: Thule and Nagurskoye
Airports, airfields, heliports

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Xtreme Arctic

Venture into the most extreme locations of the territory of Greater Russia. HSimulators brings you with eclusivity this fantastic and mysterious region. Now your destination is set: fly to the far Russian Air Base: Nagurskoye!

Old expression used after world war II

Today the expression is part of the story. Russia has pushed for more open horizons and has been changing its economy. Its preseça in the Arctic was rethought and in the present days the government begins to modernize the facilities in that isolated and frozen region of the planet. We try to show here virtually a little of these fantastic changes;This is the great scenery of the far north of the Russian territory. With more than a million square miles it completes the Arctic's mega-scene. It starts from 44 East to 152 East and from 72 Northe to 82 North. The previous packages that make up the Grand Arctic Scenery and this now, Russia Xtreme Arctic complement the overall X-Plane scenario above the 73 degree parallel. The two together abtangem all arctic polar circle.
Russia Xtreme Arctic brings the base of Nagurskoye, still under construction, located in Alexanda Island, being the closest Russian air base of the North Pole. Due to the degree of difficulty of references, the construction of the base will undergo several modifications in the future, being able the user to buy download the free updates.
With just USD 29.00 the user acquires the Russia Xtreme Arctic, including mesh terrain + Nargurskoye Air Base, entitled to free upgrades in the future such as the Grand Arctic Scenery. In this package we use the Sukhoi Payware designed and programmed by, to compose and fly the scenarios, which forms a beautiful set,.
We fly the scenerio with the amazing Sukhoi by Franco Pizzagalli


USD 29,00


Part 1

Working with flight simulation project

Nearly a hundred new airports added to the X-Plane database, many of them unknown, embedded in the confines of Amazonia, where the author has gone through many years, bringing to the glass simulation a world where flying is a challenge. In this first part Grande Amazonia Scenery Part 1, it contains the gateway to Amazonia by the Boa Vista Air Base, which is part of the Boa Vista International Airport. Be adventurous. Test your skills as a pilot. Try not to get lost or the dryness will get you way.
For years, working for the Brazilian Air Force, the author, with his best friend, made a great project for the professional simulators of the FAB Super Tucano light attack aircraft. Gathering the hundreds of archives he idealized and realized this project that is available in its first part, reproducing the region of Boa Vista and the Rio Uraricoera to the base shaken of the Airport of Auaris, right in the heart of the Amazon Forest.
This work is a posthumous tribute dedicated to the best friend of the author, Ronan de Carvalho,  who died in 2010, victim of a heart attack. 

Some Scenery Images

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Buying the Great Amazonia Scenery Part 1, with 10 airports, the buyer will be entitled to free download the new updates with 20 more scenarios and other other upgrades.

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Grand Amazonia Part 1
list of airports and airfieds

Boa Vista International Airport and Boa Vista Air Base (SBBV)
Lengh 2731m – HDG 62
Alt 83m Asphalt
Hlaikato-u (SJLE)
Length 642 – HDG 80
Alt 301m – Grass
Tucuxim – (SDYT)
Length 540m – HDG 135
ALT 304m – Grass
Palimi-U – (SJMH)
Length 680m – HDG 135
ALT 317m – Grass
Parafury – (SJMI)
Length 710m – HDG 30
ALT 606m – Grass
Uraricoera – (SJNC)
Length 601m – HDG 200
ALT 277m – Grass
Aratha-U – (SJYJ)
Length 470m – HDG 91
ALT 474m – Grass
Uaicas – (SWAE)
Length 800m – HDG 190
ALT 327m – Grass
Erico – (SWAQ)
Length 700m – HDG 126
ALT 189m – Grass
Auaris – (SWBV)
Length 1.150m – HDG 111
ALT 757m – Asphalt

End Grand Amazonia section

I am the developer of this immense scenario that completes the X-Plane above 73 degrees. It's a complex job and I do everything in lonely work.

HSimulators launches the second version of the Gran Arctic Scenery, containing several improvements, including the addition of 8 runways and 8 heliports, which are strategic points for flying in these ice lands.

All users that bought previous version will receive a link do download free the V2 updated.

Existing meshes and aiports

  • Greenland Mesh 
  • North Canada Mesh

Details ready

  • Thule Air Base
  • CFS Alert
  • Station Nord
  • Qaanaaq
  • Grise Fiord
  • Eureka

To be detailed

  1. Arctic Bay
  2. Danmarkshavn
  3. Fort Conger HLPN
  4. Innaarsuit HLPN
  5. Isachsen
  6. King Christian
  7. Kullorsuaq HLPN
  8. Malloc Dome
  9. Moriusaq HLPN
  10. NEEM Camp Skiway
  11. Nuussuaq HLPN
  12. Pond Inlet
  13. Resolut Bay
  14. Sagvisivik HLPN
  15. Tanquary Fiord
  16. Tasiusaq HLPN

These locations in Greenlan and Canada (second list), during the course of this year will be added the details, constructions, and other items to give more reality to the scenario, which will be constantly improving, always free. This will allow for challenging flights in this icy and isokada region of the rest of the world.

When the update is ready I communicate to you to download. And when flying, if there is any discrepancy in the scenario, please inform me that I will fix it. Any suggestions are welcome.

Stay tuned! Every time we detail an airport or a heliport in Grand Arctic Scenery, anyone who has already bought the scenery will receive this update for free.

Return heere to see he news!

Thank you

Marcio N Amaral
owner / developer

The Grand Arctic Scenery
​​ Status - 2 mesh & 6 detailed aiports
Over 1 million square miles

Greenland Mesh - Canada North Mesh
Thule Air Base - Qaanaaq Aiport - Station Nord
Eureka Airport - Grise Fiord - Alert Air Base
Innaarsuit HLPN, Artic Bay, Danmarkshavn, Fort Conger HLPN, Isachsen, King Christian, Kullorsuaq HLPN,Malloc Dome, Moriusaq HLPN, NEEM Camp Skiway, Nuussuaq HLPN, Pond Inlet, Resolut Bay, Savigsivik HLPN, Tanquary Fiord, Tasiusaq HLPN

Completing the
X-Plane Global Scenery

It is well-known that X-Plane's Global Scenery only covers up to the North 73rd parallel. As a developer of this fantastic and best-in-class flight simulator in the world, I decided to complete the Arctic region that involves more than 1 million square miles (2.5 million kilometers) in a very complex and solitary process. Approximately 1800 x 835 miles (2900x 1350 kilometers).

USD 39,00 
PayPal - buy here 

Qaanaaq - Thule or New Thule, is the main town in the northern part of the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland. It is one of the northernmost towns in the world. The inhabitants of Qaanaaq speak Kalaallisut and Danish, and many also speak the Inuktun language. The town has a population of 656 as of 2013.​​

Qaanaaq Airport (Greenlandic: Mittarfik Qaanaaq) (IATA: NAQ, ICAO: BGQQ) is an airport located 1.9 NM (3.5 km; 2.2 mi) northwest of Qaanaaq, a settlement in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northern Greenland. It was established in 1991 to serve Qaanaaq and neighboring communities because Thule Air Base in Pituffik is not open for regular passenger traffic. It is the only civilian airport north of Upernavik and is a lifeline for northern Greenland. Fresh food and other consumer products are transported by air.
Thule Air Base
 Thule Air Base is the US Armed Forces' northernmost installation, located 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Thule's arctic environment includes icebergs in North Star Bay, two islands (Saunders Island and Wolstenholme Island) a polar ice sheet, and Wolstenholme Fjord — the only place on Earth where four active glaciers join together.

Thule Air Base reproduces the airport, the most part of important buildings, areas around airport such BMEWS – Ballistic Missile Early Warning System, the disable ramp launcher of intercontinental missiles, the radars monitoring stations, the sea port, more than twenty surveillance cells, the habitational nucleus and many other features.
Thule is the most northern American airbase, one of the most important stage of the Cold War age. Nowadays, the airbase is open for the tourists that visit it on less rigorous weather.
CFS Alert
Alert is located 12 km (7.5 mi) west of Cape Sheridan, the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island, on the shore of the ice-covered Lincoln Sea. Alert lies just 817 km (508 mi) from the North Pole; The nearest Canadian city is Iqaluit, the capital of the territory of Nunavut, 2,092 km (1,300 mi) away.

The settlement is surrounded by rugged hills and valleys. The shore is composed primarily of slate and shale. The sea is covered with ice for most of the year but the ice pack does move out in the summer months, leaving open water. Evaporation rates are also very low, the average monthly temperatures are above freezing only in July and August.

Other places on Ellesmere Island are the base research at Eureka (480 km (300 mi)) and the Inuit community of Grise Fiord, 800 km (500 mi), both to the southwest. Siorapaluk (540 km (340 mi) to the south) is the nearest populated place in Greenland.
Grise Fiord
Located at the southern tip of Ellesmere Island, Canada, Grise Fiord is one of three permanent settlements on the island. Grise Fiord lies 1,160 km (720 mi) north of the Arctic Circle.
HSimulators has developed this scenario in sufficient detail to give more realism to approach, departure and reconnaissance flights. It should be noted that the scenario developer pays attention only to the flight's perceived details, which are essential requirements. So, if you expect to see bins, tables, chairs, people and other small details unrelated to the flight itself, this is not the scene. We develop scenarios for fly.

This detailed airport increases North Canada Mesh, which has 400,000 square miles, which is an essential requirement if you want to have the complete scenario of the entire northern Canadian territory, above the 73 degrees parallel. But if you want to fly only in the Grise Fiord region, it also works, but with a limited area in its surroundings of 8 thousand square miles.
Station Nord
The Artic Challenge! 
Try your navigation skills!


Are you sure you know air navigation? If you are so sure, think of an airport isolated from the rest of the planet. Station Nord, a military base located northeast of Greenland. Apply everything you know about flying instruments. Do not miss your flight plan, still arrive in daylight and hope to see the runway! Good luck. Will need.

Station Nord, Greenland is at 81.43 North Latitude, 17.50 West Longitude and is above the Arctic Circle.  It is about 500 miles from the geographic North Pole. The Danish Defense Command has a base there and that is where we staged logistics from during the Spring of 1986. Thule as well as Nord Greenland were used as logistical staging points during that year, primarily because the Tri-Turbo was damaged in an oxygen fire in Santa Barbara a few months earlier. DeHaviland Twin Otters and a DeHaviland Caribou were used to take up the slack, but the payload and range capabilities were less than that of the Tri-Turbo. For this reason, Nord was used as an intermediate staging point since it was closer to the geographic North pole than Thule. Nord is manned by 4 Danish officers that stay for the year and accommodations are available for up to 20 scientists during the summer months.
Eureka Aiport 
Eureka is a small research base on Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, Qikiqtaaluk Region, in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. It is located on the north side of Slidre Fiord, which enters Eureka Sound farther west.  The only two farther north are Alert, which is also on Ellesmere Island, and Nord, in Greenland. Eureka has the lowest average annual temperature and the lowest amount of precipitation of any weather station in Canad​​​
North CANADA Mesh 

All territory above 73 degrees

A big scenery!

Canada Mesh North V1 covers the entire north of Canada above the 73 degree parallel, reproducing the relief more than 400.000 square miles. This is the first phase, which will be followed by Canada Mesh North 2 that will cover the territory from the parallel 62 north to the parallel 73. Buy now this great work that completes the default scenario of X-Plane. Then keep an eye on the launches of dozens of detailed airports contained in this area to be launched on the next weeks.
Being a great scenario, it is impossible to fly in it all, because it has continental dimensions. When flying and find some discrepancy we report to improve the product for you. Fly, see and give us the feddback here. We will make it better for fly.
If you like to fly the iced regions of Canada and other lands to the north. Complete this scenario with the Thule Air Base + Greenland Mesh V1 package. They are more than 400.000 square miles spanning from the 73rd parallel to the northern reaches of Greenland, including Thule's detailed military airport.
In the coming weeks, will be avalaible scenarios, listed below in this page. - Svalbard Mesh and Groelandia Mesh 2 - will be teh next launching, The scenarios cover the 62nd parallel up to 73 degrees north, thus completing the whole North of the planet in the X-Plane default scenario.r. 
Greenland Mesh
When you have an airport located in a remote region of the planet, any place, however small, can be your salvation in your life at risk. You can reproduce here such extreme flights.
Ongoing and finished seceneries
  1. Qaanaaq (released)
    Qaanaaq is a town in the municipality of Qaasuitsup in northwestern Greenland. It is a unique city and a single municipality of the former county of North Greenland. It was founded after a city of Thule became an American Air Base.
  2. Resolut Bay
    CYRB - Important refuelling stop for aircraft passing through to other places in the high Arctic such as CFS Alert, Eureka and Mould Bay Resolute is equipped with an ILS precision landing system
  3. Grise Fiord (released)
    GYGZ - Grise Fiord, Nunavut, Canada, the airport is operated by the Government of Nunavut. Companies operates Super King Air 200 and Kenn Borek Air using the DHC-6 Twin Otter planes. Located at 76°25′33″N / 082°54′29″W
  1. Alert (released)
    Alert, located in the Qikiqtaaluk region, Nunavut, Canada, is the most permanently inhabited place on the northernmost planet. The name Alert comes from the ship HMS Alert, which in 1875 made a successful expedition in the region.
  2. Tanquary Fiord
    Tanquary Fiord or Greely Fiord is a fjord on the north coast of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago's Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada. It is located in the Quttinirpaaq National Park and extends 30 mi (48 km) in a north-westerly direction.
  3. Station Nord (released)
    It is a amilitarynd scentific station in northeastern Greenland 924 km (574 mi) from the North Pole. With ICAO BGNO the airport and 81 43N and 17 47W, The station is commanded by Danish Defense and has about 35 buildings.
  1. Isachsem
    Is a remote Arctic research-weather station named after the Norwegian explorer of the Arctic, Gunnar Isachsen. It is located on the western shore of Ellef Ringnes Island in the Sverdrup Islands, in the territory of Nunavut in Canada.
  2. Fort Conger
    Fort Conger is a former settlement, military fortification, and scientific research post in Qikiqtaaluk, Canada. It was established in 1881 as an Arctic exploration camp. Fort Conger were designated Classified Federal Heritage Buildings.
  3. Eureka (released)
    Is a small research base on Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, in the Canadian. It is located on the north side of Slidre Fiord, which enters Eureka Sound farther west. It is the third-northernmost permanent research community in the world.
  1. Arctic Bay
    The townsite was located just inland from Strathcona Sound, about 20 km (12 mi) east of the community of Arctic Bay in the Canadian territory. There is a port and dock about 3.7 km (2.3 mi) north. Currently used by Coast Guard for training.
  2. Savigsivik
    BGSV - is a heliport in Savissivik, a village on Meteorite Island, off the shores of the northern end of Melville Bay in the Qaasuitsup municipality, northern Greenland. The heliport is considered a helistop,.
  3. Pond Inlet
    It a small in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Canada, and is located in northern Baffin Island. At the 2011 census the population was 1,549, an increase of 17.8% from the 2006 census making it the largest of the four hamlets above the 72nd parallel.
Thule Air Base (released)

Thule Air Base is the largest airport complex in the Arctic region, which was heavily involved in the Cold War era, where intercontinental ballistic missiles were deployed. Currently it maintains only the BMEWS complex, Balistic Missile Early Warning System, which detects missiles possibly launched against the territories of North America.