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X-Plane Polar Orbital Textures

Featured by Hsimulators, February, 15/2017

In the future, the X-Plane default can decide to bring the polar textures, but in the meantime we will have these textures available for free, however, it is necessary to advise that the user must copy the X-Plane originals before Install these options.

By default, X-Plane manages the textures at 3 major levels. Low flying textures, textures on high altitude flights (medium orbital textures) and high orbital textures seen from the stratosphere. You may have realized that as you enter the planet's map mode on the X-Plane, the land poles will not be seen, so X-Plane built the default scenario just above 72 degrees north. In all packages published at Hsimulators store, these texture will be installed in X-Plane default.

All the satellite data and images used in some parts of this product are of PUBLIC DOMAIN and have as reference: "Landsat imagery courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and U.S. Geological Survey" or "USGS / NASA Landsat"

X-Plane default scenery



The high orbital textures are free. The medium for high levels flight comes with all Hsimulators North Pole Sceneries.
Remember: All time you accpets the X-Plane 11 updates when starts the programm the original earth1.dds and earth2.dds will overight the north pole orbital textures.
Just downlaod its below and copy replacing again.

Download and replace orbital textures

Download the zip file from the link below and unzip it in the path
Download Orbital Textures (2mb)

HSimulators Hight Orbital Textures​