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    HSimulators is being in the simulation market since 1997, derivative from the renamed company Worldsceneries.
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Part 1



Nearly a hundred new airports added to the X-Plane database, many of them unknown, embedded in the confines of Amazonia, where the author has gone through many years, bringing to the glass simulation a world where flying is a challenge. In this first part Grande Amazonia Scenery Part 1, it contains the gateway to Amazonia by the Boa Vista Air Base, which is part of the Boa Vista International Airport. Be adventurous. Test your skills as a pilot. Try not to get lost or the dryness will get you way.
For years, working for the Brazilian Air Force, the author, with his best friend, made a great project for the professional simulators of the FAB Super Tucano light attack aircraft. Gathering the hundreds of archives he idealized and realized this project that is available in its first part, reproducing the region of Boa Vista and the Rio Uraricoera to the base shaken of the Airport of Auaris, right in the heart of the Amazon Forest.
This work is a posthumous tribute dedicated to the best friend of the author, Ronan de Carvalho,  who died in 2010, victim of a heart attack. 

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Buying the Great Amazonia Scenery Part 1, with 10 airports, the buyer will be entitled to free download the new updates with 20 more scenarios and other other upgrades.

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Grand Amazonia Part 1
list of airports and airfieds

Boa Vista International Airport and Boa Vista Air Base (SBBV)
Lengh 2731m – HDG 62
Alt 83m Asphalt
Hlaikato-u (SJLE)
Length 642 – HDG 80
Alt 301m – Grass
Tucuxim – (SDYT)
Length 540m – HDG 135
ALT 304m – Grass
Palimi-U – (SJMH)
Length 680m – HDG 135
ALT 317m – Grass
Parafury – (SJMI)
Length 710m – HDG 30
ALT 606m – Grass
Uraricoera – (SJNC)
Length 601m – HDG 200
ALT 277m – Grass
Aratha-U – (SJYJ)
Length 470m – HDG 91
ALT 474m – Grass
Uaicas – (SWAE)
Length 800m – HDG 190
ALT 327m – Grass
Erico – (SWAQ)
Length 700m – HDG 126
ALT 189m – Grass
Auaris – (SWBV)
Length 1.150m – HDG 111
ALT 757m – Asphalt

End Grand Amazonia section


The X-Plane Global Scenario does not replicate the land of the parallel N73 00 above. We did this by fully developing the Arctic region, constructing the mathematical model of the terrain that comprises from the far east of Greenland to the westernmost reaches of Canada, making over 1 million and 500,000 square miles, with its real satellite imagery .

Grand Arctic

Over 1 million square miles of scenery

The image below represents the overall X-Plane scenario before receiving our additional Gran Artic from an orbital point of view.
And below the result in the X-Plane from the orbital point of view. The South Pole has already begun its deployment, however, anyone who is adept at flight simulation in the stratosphere can already take advantage of this orbital feature already performed.

Brasil Off Shore 1

Brazil off shore scenario reproduces the Campos Oil Basin with 80 platforms, including ships probes, with georeferenced charts of the Navy and Aeronautics. It forms this off shore operations stage, since the area from Angra dos Reis to Campo dos Goitacases. The cities are plotted, especially Rio de Janeiro and Niterói with the following airports:

Angra dos Reis,  Santa Cruz air base, Restinga da Marambaia military rwy, Jacarepaguá, Helirio Operational HLPN base, Santos Dumont, Maricá, Macaé, SkyClear operational helicopter, Sao Pedro da Aldeia air base, São Tomé HLPN.

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Screen simulator captured in Thule Air Base, near BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Eraly Warning System)​ - X-Plane 11

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